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No plugin, no installation, no login. You can even use it to turn your phone into a remote camera. For free.

|| minimal latency ||
|| high video quality || 
|| studio-quality audio ||

We provide consulting and training for OBS Ninja. OBS Ninja is a free system that lets you add remote guests to your audio and podcast productions.

So you want to add remote guests...

...with exceptional production value.

Skype or Zoom have their place. But the one thing they lack is control over quality and flexibility for your production.

OBS Ninja gives you both!

(However, there's a learning curve)

Our mission is to get you started with OBS Ninja and empower you to make amazing audio and video productions with remote guests.

And with we, I mean I.

Questions and Answers

I'm Chris, I'm German. I come from background of professional audio production and photography. My forming years were in the 1980s, a time where the analog and digital worlds began to merge. In 2009, I became an early YouTuber, years before that was even a thing. I have produced video ever since.

I'm the author of the Wide-Angle Photography book and co-author of the Film Photography Handbook. I have taught tech, photography and videography for over 20 years and to thousands of students.

I also host and produce some of the longest-running podcasts going back to early 2005. These include Photography Tips from the Top Floor and Happy Shooting, and also expand into more recent productions like The Future of Photography and Curiously Polar. Every week I teach photography to an audience of over a million on the US-wide syndicated Tech Guy Radio Show. You could rightfully call me a bit of an audio/video nerd with a knack for making people go "AHA!"

As a response to the 2020 SARS-Cov2 pandemic, I started to add remote (and live) components to many of my regular podcasts. OBS Ninja has become an indispensable tool to enable remote guest participation on a level that wasn't possible until now. High-quality remote productions that we could only dream of just months ago are now at your fingertips.

After a six-month deep dive, I now speak OBS Ninja fluidly, blindfolded and on Windows and Mac. And I'd love to share this knowledgeable with you.

My goal is to empower you, to up your remote video production game and see you rise right above the crowd of low-quality bad-audio remote video.

I have 15 years of professional IT industry experience and 30 years of general production experience. I have a strong understanding of communications in the context of small to mid-size projects and decades of background in teaching.

You will learn from me how to take your production up several notches by using some of today's most cutting-edge technology.

I will quickly understand your needs and provide you with suggestions on how to realize your project so you can stay in budget and within your deadlines. This includes suggestions for resources, technology and workflow. My expertise also extends into the creative side of things. I'm a photographer at heart and design and composition are very near to me, both for processes and for the audiovisual side of things.

I will also provide training for the tools and processes that you need to establish throughout your project.

If additional resources are needed, I will tap into my network for you.

OBS Ninja is a remote audio and video Swiss Army Knife and nothing else can match it right now.

It's a truly enabling technology.

And it's free. (We can thank Steve Seguin for that)

OBS Ninja enables remote productions without expensive hardware and at a quality level that goes far beyond what today's remote conferencing systems like Zoom or Skype can offer.

OBS Ninja builds on the open WebRTC standard, which, thanks to its point-to-point nature, is very different from the usual suspects and makes low-latency video communication a reality.

And all you need is a web browser.

» more about why OBS Ninja is awesome

OBS Ninja and the OBS software video switcher are not affiliated. OBS Ninja makes it easy to include remote video sources in OBS video switcher. Thus the name. As OBS Ninja is browser-based, it can be used with other video switchers, such as vMix. Or without a video switcher at all.

Yes. OBS Ninja combines low latency (important for fluid conversations without stumbling over each other's words) with studio-quality audio where you can record each participant onto a separate audio track (ISO recordings).

Yes, you get to record individual tracks at really good quality while OBS Ninja takes care of the complicated N-1 stuff so everybody only gets to hear the others without hearing themselves.

Your next remote one/two/three/four-person roundtable recording will sound as if everyone is in the same room.

And as a benefit, you can still see each other during the recording.

OBS Ninja Features

No more talking over each other. OBS Ninja lets you include video from remote guests at stunningly low latencies (no more seconds wait time and stumbling over each other's words)

Crisp and sharp video. OBS Ninja lets you receive remote guest video at 1080p quality and at high bitrates

Readable screen shares. Tack sharp remote screen shares at 1080p quality and beyond.

Quality control and flexibility. Independent quality level for video and audio. Video bitrates up to 20mbps, audio up to 512kbps.

Choice of codec. OBS Ninja supports h.264, VP8 and VP9 for video and Opus for audio.

Choice of platform. OBS Ninja runs on Windows and on the Mac.

Studio-quality audio. The Opus codec provides the lowest latency at the highest audio quality.

Privacy. No accounts, no logins. And no logs. OBS Ninja creates point-to-point connections for the data. This keeps latency at a minimum.

Multiple streams from one source. Receive a low-bitrate stream for the control room while simultaneously recording 256 kbps audio.

Director support. The director's control room is your driver's seat. Add guests to scenes, control volumes, transfer to different rooms (green room setups). 

ISO recordings. Record isolated individual audio and video tracks for later processing.

Encrypted. Communication and data between OBS Ninja end points is encrypted.

What you can expect from the OBS Ninja Academy

I provide consulting and training. My mission is to empower you to make better audio and video productions. Local and remote. Live and recorded.

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